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Element_CodeAscendingUsage_TypeLong_NameReport NameDescriptionCoding InstructionsTerm Begin Term End
00001DOMAINFlag ValuesFLGThe values associated with yes/no flags.-200702-
01003ELEMENTCommon Course Outside IndicatorCOMM_CRS_INDAn alpha code developed by the Common Course Number System to be used to indicate laboratories and provide a method for equating laboratory courses.Common Course Outside Indicator as defined by the Common Course Numbering System. Courses taken at other institutions and reported on the Hours to Degree File should be reported as coded by the original institution.

On WORKLOAD_ACTIVITIES table any value will be set to NULL when ACT_CODE for the record is not an instructional activity.
01004ELEMENTFull Time Equivalent (FTE) EffortFTE_EFRTFor University Employee and Salary Category Detail: This is the portion of full-time effort expected to be available for this employment resource or portion of an employment resource during a fiscal year. Used to calculate PERSON_YEARS for salaried employees. For Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly pay periods this should be the portion of full-time effort expected.For Salaried Employees: For employment resource years or a portion of an employment resource year: This value must be greater than zero if EMPR_TYP_CD (01181) is equal to employee, vacant, authorized but not established, or summer person year/rate/salary reserve. For OPS: Null will be generated when Rate Type is Hourly or Lump Sum. For Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, and Monthly rate types this value must be greater than 0.01 but not exceed 1.0.

Load programs will set value to NULL on the EMPLOYEE_VACANTS table when the EMPR_TYPE_CODE is 'O', 'P', or 'R' for SCD submission.

Load programs will set the value to NULL on the EMPLOYEE_DATA table when the BE_CD is 'P' or RATE_TYP for OPS employees is 'L' or 'H' on SCD and
01006DOMAINAppointment StatusAPPOINTMENT_STATUSIndicates the type of appointment held by an employee.-200401-
01007ELEMENTBudget Entity Code, SUSBUD_ENT_CODEA code to indicate the budget entity in which the resource is administered or generated.Resources associated with special appropriations must be coded in the appropriate authorized Budget Entity within which they are administered. Allowed values on the DEGREES_AWARDED tables are 1, 2, 4, and 5. The Auxilliary budget entity should be used for degrees in self-supporting programs (eg. continuing ed, market rate).192001-
01010ELEMENTInstitutional Outside IndicatorINST_INDA code which is institutionally assigned where required to uniquely identify a course.For UNF - the alpha codes required to identify the Individual Venture Courses.192001-
01013ELEMENTAccount/Department CIPACC_DEPT_CIPClassification of Instructional Program (CIP) for the Account/ Department from which compensation is to be drawn or funds are budgeted.The data reported for this element on the SCD submissions is used to identify which state-funded employees are exempt from the salary cap per 1012.976, Florida Statutes. The Board Office released guidelines to support Board Regulation 9.006 - these guidelines are available at: https://www.flbog.edu/finance/university-budget-information/budget-guidelines-and-definitions/.

In brief, the following business rules apply to this element:
(1) State-funded Instructional faculty (BECD=1, 4, 5, 7 and BOGJOB= 5, 6 and Pay Plan=22) cannot have a Missing or No Discipline Reported (CIP=000000).
(2) All faculty and staff within Health Science Centers (BECD=4) are exempt from the salary limitation.
(3) Instructional faculty assigned to multiple CIPs are considered exempt if they teach any program on the exempt list. Please report the CIP of the largest exempt program (based on student credit hours).
(4) Non-instructional faculty are considered exempt if they oversee any of the programs on the exempt list. For a non-instructional faculty who oversee multiple programs, we ask that you report the CIP of the largest exempt program (based on student credit hours). Please only report the largest exempt CIP even when the employee is responsible for larger non-exempt programs. All non-instructional faculty that are exempt must provide a CIP in an approved program. Non-instructional faculty only includes deans, associate deans, assistant deans, department chairs, associate department chairs, assistant department chairs [where Administrative Code (#01409) is C1, C2, C3, D1, D2, D3].
(5) Load programs on EMPLOYEE_DATA table will NULL when PAY_PLAN_NUMBER indicates an OPS employee.
01014ELEMENTClassification CodeCLASS_CODEA code which identifies work that is sufficiently similar as to kind or subject matter of work, level of difficulty, responsibility and qualification requirements of the work to warrant the same treatment as to title, pay range and other personnel transactions.For EMPLOYEE_DATA table on SCD and EMPL: Every faculty or OPS record must have valid value. All records except faculty and OPS pay plan classes must have a title provided.
OPS pay plans may use the following class codes:
00 A 0012 - 0017
00 P 9189
01 Any Any Faculty
02 O Any Faculty
05 M 9181 - 9185
06 L Any  House Staff
06 F, C, E, V Any Faculty
09   9190

Load programs for EMPLOYEE_VACANTS table on SCD submissions will NULL when EMPR_TYP_CODE is 'O', 'R', or 'P' (rate reserve other than summer reserve).
01015DOMAINCounty Abbreviation, SUSCOUNTY_ABBRA local administrative subdivision of a state.Use four-letter Florida county, non-Florida, and non-USA codes.192001-
01016ELEMENTCounty of EmploymentCOUNTY_OF_EMPPrincipal location of an employment resourceReserve records other than summer reserve do not require a value.

Load programs on EMPLOYEE_DATA table will NULL records coded ZZZZ.
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